Tuesday, 2 August 2011

The Adventurers, Honnemardu: Bond With Nature, a creative way of instilling con...

The Adventurers, Honnemardu: Bond With Nature, a creative way of instilling con...: "Honnemardu, Shimoga, Karnataka, India; August 2 nd 2011: In a thrilling adventure program – Bond W..."

Bond With Nature, a creative way of instilling confidence among the differently abled: The Adventurers, Honnemardu

Honnemardu, Shimoga, Karnataka, India; August 2nd 2011: In a thrilling adventure program – Bond With Nature, at Honnemardu it was not clear whose lives were more changed – the young differently abled participants who increased confidence in themselves during the program; or the volunteers, caregivers, the organisers and others who witnessed the program and were inspired by the participants.

The adventure camp was arranged by The Adventurers, Honnemardu in Association with World Vision India for the differently abled between 27th and 29th July. Each participant of the program – ‘Bond With Nature’ involves in various nature based adventure activities like learning how to swim, swimming at a depth of 350 ft, exploring islands, trekking, coracling in the beautiful backwaters of the famous Jog Falls, Sagar Taluk amidst the dense rain forests of Western Ghats. This three day camp saw 25 differently abled participants lead a normal life experiencing the rudimentary facilities at Honnemardu, just like any other participants of other programs.

“How does one communicate with the speech and hearing challenged?  When does one start believing that physically challenged is really in pain or just ready to give up? These are things you get to know when you interact with them. As an organiser, when you get an opportunity to spend time with differently abled amidst nature, one gets to bond with them, feel what they feel, see beyond their challenges and see the human in them, staring right at you!” says Nomito, program co ordinator, The Adventurers.

 “In the last 30 years, we have been trying to reach outdoors to all cross sections of society. While working with persons with disability we have realized the therapeutic value of outdoors both physically and socially. Moving away from the traditional sedentary occupations, we have even trained persons with disability for livelihoods in the outdoors”, said Mr Swamy, President, The Adventurers.

The program saw a host of participants from different age groups. Some were unable to speak or hear. Salim, Kalaiarasan, Madhu, Arun, needed aids to walk. Parimala had a challenge, being bedridden six years this was the first time she was coming out of home. Virginia a 10th std student had very stiff and bent fingers. 60 year old Muniyamma had no right hand from the elbow downwards. Mentally challenged Reena and Yashaswi with cerebral palsy were all present.

Bond With Nature is a special program by The Adventurers for the differently abled. The program pushes the differently abled to do normal things in a different way. The program pushes the participants to be independent - like looking after themselves with minimal help from aides, expressing their feelings and experiencing nature like any other. The objective of the program is to bring out that part of their mind that gives them the confidence to be independent, a mind they have never seen or experienced before!

About The Adventurers – A Wilderness School
The Adventurers - A Wilderness School is a non-profit organization promoting outdoor learning, environmental conservation and social development for over two and half decades now. Working in cohesion with the government, like-minded public and the indigenous population of the Ghats, the organization is directly involved in the conservation and development of natural areas.